Builder Base

Trophäen 3.263

Builder Base (#P8CC2J9QG)



Clan Tag


Clan Level






Spende bekommen


War Stars


Erfahrungs Level


Trophies 3263

3488 Best Trophies


Barbarian 8
Archer 8
Goblin 7
Giant 8
Wall Breaker 6
Balloon 9
Healer 6
Dragon 8
P.E.K.K.A 7
Minion 7
Hog Rider 10
Valkyrie 7
Golem 7
Lava Hound 4
Bowler 4
Baby Dragon 5
Miner 7
Super Barbarian 1
Super Archer 1
Super Wall Breaker 1
Super Giant 1
Raged Barbarian
Sneaky Archer
Beta Minion
Boxer Giant
Super P.E.K.K.A
Cannon Cart
Drop Ship
Baby Dragon
Night Witch
Wall Wrecker 3
Battle Blimp 2
Yeti 3
Sneaky Goblin 1
Rocket Balloon 1
Ice Golem 1
Electro Dragon
Stone Slammer
Inferno Dragon 1
Super Valkyrie 1
Dragon Rider 1
Super Witch
Hog Glider
Siege Barracks 2
Ice Hound 1
Super Bowler 1
Headhunter 1
Super Wizard 1
Super Minion 1
Log Launcher 2
L.A.S.S.I 1
Electro Owl 1


Barbarian King 34
Archer Queen 57
Grand Warden 22
Battle Machine
Royal Champion 23


Lightning Spell 7
Healing Spell 7
Rage Spell
Jump Spell 2
Freeze Spell
Poison Spell 3
Earthquake Spell 3
Haste Spell 4
Clone Spell 3
Skeleton Spell 1
Bat Spell 2
Invisibility Spell 1


Name Value Target More Info
Bigger CoffersBigger Coffers
Upgrade a Gold Storage to level 10
1510Highest Gold Storage level: 15
Get those Goblins!Get those Goblins!
Win 150 Stars on the Campaign Map
211150Stars in Campaign Map: 211
Bigger & BetterBigger & Better
Upgrade Town Hall to level 8
148Current Town Hall level: 14
Nice and TidyNice and Tidy
Remove 500 obstacles (trees, rocks, bushes)
6362500Total obstacles removed: 6362
Discover New TroopsDiscover New Troops
Unlock Dragon in the Barracks
Gold GrabGold Grab
Steal 100000000 gold
1896213721100000000Total Gold looted: 1896213721
Elixir EscapadeElixir Escapade
Steal 100000000 elixir
1952981663100000000Total Elixir looted: 1952981663
Sweet Victory!Sweet Victory!
Achieve a total of 1250 trophies in Multiplayer battles
34881250Trophy record: 3488
Empire BuilderEmpire Builder
Upgrade Clan Castle to level 4
104Current Clan Castle level: 10
Wall BusterWall Buster
Destroy 2000 Walls in Multiplayer battles
566792000Total walls destroyed: 56679
Destroy 2000 Town Halls in Multiplayer battles
36442000Total Town Halls destroyed: 3644
Union BusterUnion Buster
Destroy 2500 Builder's Huts in Multiplayer battles
148082500Total Builder's Huts destroyed: 14808
Win 5000 Multiplayer battles
43945000Total multiplayer battles won: 4394
Successfully defend against 5000 attacks
18825000Total defenses won: 1882
Friend in NeedFriend in Need
Donate 25000 capacity worth of reinforcements to Clanmates
27119425000Total capacity donated: 271194
Mortar MaulerMortar Mauler
Destroy 5000 Mortars in Multiplayer battles
132525000Total Mortars destroyed: 13252
Heroic HeistHeroic Heist
Steal 1000000 Dark Elixir
111132271000000Total Dark Elixir looted: 11113227
League All-StarLeague All-Star
Become a Champion!
X-Bow ExterminatorX-Bow Exterminator
Destroy 2500 X-Bows in Multiplayer battles
71492500Total X-Bows destroyed: 7149
Destroy 5000 Inferno Towers in Multiplayer battles
39445000Total Inferno Towers destroyed: 3944
War HeroWar Hero
Score 1000 Stars for your clan in Clan War battles
16571000Total Stars scored for clan in Clan War battles: 1657
Clan War WealthClan War Wealth
Collect 100000000 gold from the Clan Castle
732526523100000000Total gold collected in Clan War bonuses: 732526523
Destroy 2000 Eagle Artilleries in Multiplayer battles
14352000Total Eagle Artilleries destroyed: 1435
Sharing is caringSharing is caring
Donate 10000 spell storage capacity worth of spells
751510000Total spell capacity donated: 7515
Keep Your Account Safe!Keep Your Account Safe!
Protect your village by connecting to a social network
Master EngineeringMaster Engineering
Upgrade Builder Hall to level 8
98Current Builder Hall level: 9
Next Generation ModelNext Generation Model
Unlock Super P.E.K.K.A in the Builder Barracks
Un-Build ItUn-Build It
Destroy 2000 Builder Halls in Versus battles
279762000Total Builder Halls destroyed: 27976
Champion BuilderChampion Builder
Achieve a total of 3000 trophies in Versus battles
71563000Versus Trophy record: 7156
High GearHigh Gear
Gear Up 3 buildings using the Master Builder
33Total buildings geared up: 3
Hidden TreasuresHidden Treasures
Rebuild Battle Machine
Games ChampionGames Champion
Earn 100000 points in Clan Games
50605100000Total Clan Games points: 50605
Dragon SlayerDragon Slayer
Slay the Giant Dragon
War League LegendWar League Legend
Score 250 Stars for your clan in War League battles
336250Total Stars scored for clan in War League battles: 336
Keep Your Account Safe!Keep Your Account Safe!
Connect your account to Supercell ID for safe keeping.
Well SeasonedWell Seasoned
Earn 50000 points in Season Challenges
6716050000Total Season Challenges points: 67160
Shattered and ScatteredShattered and Scattered
Destroy 4000 Scattershots in Multiplayer battles
5454000Total Scattershots destroyed: 545
Not So Easy This TimeNot So Easy This Time
Destroy 2000 weaponized Town Halls in Multiplayer battles
5012000Weaponized Town Halls destroyed: 501
Bust This!Bust This!
Destroy 250 weaponized Builder's Huts in Multiplayer battles
58250Total weaponized Builder's Huts destroyed: 58
Superb WorkSuperb Work
Boost a Super Troop 100 times
33100Total times Super Troops boosted: 33
Siege SharerSiege Sharer
Donate 1000 Siege Machines
3861000Total Siege Machines donated: 386
Clan War LeagueClan War League

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